Which Are Good Skateboard Brands?

Which Are Good Skateboard Brands?

There are so many good skateboard brands out there but which ones should you buy? Here we’ll take a look at Zero Skateboards, Bianca Chandon, Call Me 917, and Zero Skateboards. All of these brands are great for different styles and purposes, but we’ll focus on Zero Skateboards for this review. We’ll also talk about Zero’s new line of boards.

Bianca Chandon

If you’re interested in finding skateboard apparel and accessories for yourself or your loved ones, Bianca Chandon is a great place to start. Founded by skateboard pro-Alex Olson, Bianca Chandon is a young fashion label that straddles the line between mainstream and underground skate culture. The brand’s products are produced in small batches to ensure quality and a lower environmental impact.

Call Me 917

If you’re a skateboarder and you’re looking for some really good skateboard brands, you should check out Call Me 917 and Bianca Chandon. The former has a team of New Yorkers and East Coast shredders that includes Cyrus Bennett, who’s also a pro rider. Both brands offer apparel and accessories that are easy to throw on every day but are also designed to be comfortable and stylish enough to wear in public.

Almost Skateboards

Founded in 2003 by Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song, Almost Skateboards make some of the strongest, most durable boards in the business. They use seven or eight-ply maple and eco-friendly resin to make the decks, as well as various accessories. You can customize your board or get it complete. Almost Skateboards are known for its extensive roster of riders and have several famous faces on its team.

Zero Skateboards

There are many reasons to buy a Zero Skateboard, but what sets them apart from other skateboard brands? This California-based company has an exceptional reputation for long-lasting pop, and its tails are particularly durable. It has also branched out into apparel and accessories, as well. Zero Skateboards are good skateboard brands, and many skaters swear by them. This review will examine Zero Skateboards and why they are a top choice for youth.

Plan B

While Plan B skateboards have been around for over thirty years, their history is somewhat bleak. Ternasky, a skateboard manufacturer from Montreal, had an association with H-Street. He brought some of the company’s best riders with him. These included Matt Hensley, Mike Carroll, and Sal Barbier. Ternasky later died in a car accident, which was a huge blow to Plan B and its skateboards.

Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz skateboard brand has been around since the early 80s when skateboards first made their appearance on the streets. Back then, the Santa Cruz skateboard was a small wooden cruising board, comparable to a modern penny board. At the time, most skateboards had limited features and were designed for downhill racing and speed skating. Today, the brand makes the highest-quality skate components in the world.


The Birdhouse skateboard brand is one of the most popular skateboard brands on the market today. The team at Birdhouse consists of future skateboard legends and fan favorites like Aaron Jaws Homoki, Shawn Hale, Clint Walker, and Lizzie Davis. The skaters on the Birdhouse team also enjoy the support of their loyal fans. In addition to Tony Hawk, the Birdhouse skateboard brand is also known for its high-quality boards and dependable performance.