Buy Wholesale Clothing With Fondmart

Buy Wholesale Clothing With Fondmart

Would you like to buy wholesale for your boutique at an affordable price? Wholesale Fondmart have hundreds of styles in store today and we are constantly updating our assortment with the latest products. From graphic t-shirts to hair accessories, our wholesale boutique clothing come in every imaginable color, shape and style, all selected by our team of expert fashion buyers.

You can easily buy Fondmart in bulk

 How it works: All products on our website are marked with two prices. There is only one unit price, which is the unit price. Then there is the price of the packaging. It is simply the number of units in each package multiplied by the unit price. When choosing the number of purchases, please choose the number of packages, not individual purchases.

After choosing a large amount of the clothes you want and adding them to your cart, you can go to the payment page and enter your information. We offer free shipping for orders over $300 within the continental US, and same day fulfillment and delivery for orders placed Monday through Friday between 12:30 PM PT. All orders placed after 12:30 on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be processed the next business day.

So why buy boutiques in bulk?

This way, you can often buy multiple garments or accessories for use in a store for much less than if you bought them individually. This is because processing costs and time are minimized when purchased and wholesaled. You may have noticed that our prices are much lower than our competitors. Thanks to our relationship with our design and manufacturing partners, we are able to wholesale up to 70% cheaper than normal wholesale prices!

Buying wholesale clothing from fashion wholesalers also means variety. Our clothing packages often come in different sizes. We have everything from XS to 3XL, so always check the sizes included in each pack to make sure you get all the sizes you need! Some accessory packs are also available in different colors or designs. By examining the photos on the product pages, you can see which variants are in which packages.

If you have a quality boutique, buy popular items in bulk with Fondmart today!

Uncertain if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us or fill out the questionnaire. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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