An Advanced Car On The Planet: Wuling Almaz 2022

An Advanced Car On The Planet: Wuling Almaz 2022

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Wuling Almaz Baru, known in Indonesia as the most advanced car in the world.

The engine

The 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine is based on Daewoo’s S-TEC engine family and a Honeywell-made turbocharger.

The power produced is 140 hp and 250 Nm of torque. This figure is not far from its closest rival, the DFSK Glory 580, which is also driven by a 1.5-liter turbo engine with 148 hp of power and 240 Nm of torque. The Wuling Almaz engine power is slightly above the Honda HR-V with a 1.8-liter engine that produces 137 hp, while its torsional moment surpasses the Honda CR-V 1.5 Turbo with 240 Nm of torque. The engine output is then forwarded to the front wheels via a manual or automatic transmission. The 6-speed manual transmission is only offered in the cheapest Smart Enjoy variant.


Wuling Almaz appears as a futuristic-style SUV, relatively no different from the concept model exhibited at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Autoshow 2018. The large grille design seems intimidating. Under the Wuling logo, a front camera is also installed.

The main lights are hidden in the front bumper, while the narrow “Future Eyes” lights that follow the outline of the hood are the Daytime Running Lights integrated with the front turn signals. The headlights use LEDs with a projector that can be adjusted manually from inside the cab. The fog lamps at the bottom use halogen lamps. The sides look muscular with protruding lines that seem to merge with the line of the hood gap and end at the taillights. The side body molding attached to the bottom of the door not only makes it look more attractive but also serves to protect this part from throwing pebbles that can scratch the door.


One of the most important features of a car is its safety. Wuling Almaz is one of the safest cars on the planet.

Wuling Almaz has several safety features that make it one of the safest cars on the market. One of these features is its autopilot system. This system is designed to keep the car in its lane and safe from other cars. It can also brake automatically if it detects an obstacle on the road.

Wuling Al-Maz also has a strong steel frame that protects passengers in the event of a collision. The batteries in Wuling Al-Maz cars are under the floor, which helps to protect them from impact in a crash. They are equipped with airbags and seatbelts, just like other cars. However, the seatbelts in Wuling Al-Maz cars have a special feature that automatically tightens the belts in the event of a collision. This helps to keep passengers securely in their seats.


The Wuling Al-Maz is the most advanced car on the planet. Wuling Almaz is a medium SUV suitable for consumers who love the latest technology at an “unreasonable” price. Not only using advanced features as a charm, but this SUV is also quite responsible for providing engine performance and driving comfort that exceeds the price.