Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

The answer is yes. Even though there are more than enough ways to keep in touch with people today, business cards are still integral to your brand and professionalism. Regardless of the culture and audience you are trying to communicate with, an excellent business card does its job like no other. 

In case you have an important client meeting coming soon, here are a few reasons why you should run to someone who does quick business card printing and get this issue sorted. 

5 Reasons to Get a Business Card for Your Brand 

#1 For the Marketing Opportunity 

This may have slipped your radar during your research, but business cards have immense marketing potential. What’s a quicker way to introduce your brand and make an impression on someone other than plucking your card out with a flick of your wrist? Be it at a private meeting, conference, or networking event, be ready with your business cards. 

The kind of paper, typeface, color, and other features of your card convey the quality of your service to the receiver. These cards with your contact details remain memorable to your potential clients far more than any digital contact. 

#2 For Paving Ways to Trust 

Many cultures look at a business card and judge whether a brand is worth their time or not. Apart from being a sign of professionalism, people find it much easier to trust a brand when its representative can readily hand a business card instead of scrambling for a bit of paper to write down their information. Standing as a sign of your acumen and preparedness with which you approach your projects, business cards can help you readily earn the trust of a party without even trying.  

#3 For the Human Interaction 

In the world of email marketing and private messaging, handing a business card to a person can be a memorable experience. You make eye contact with the receiver, exchange cards, and may even shake hands. Even though business etiquette may vary across cultures, handing out a card as a ritual of greeting can speak loads about your professional caliber.

#4 For All Those Referrals 

Suppose your friend has a flooded bathroom, and they have called you for help. Now since you don’t have the necessary skills to resolve the issue, you give them the contact for your trusted plumber. Imagine this, but for your business. 

You never know who might require your services, but someone possessing your business card might. With a memorable card design and an impeccable impression you make on someone, your information will get passed on to those in need of your expertise. 

#5 For the Old-School Charm

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you are trying to impress the oldest millennials and baby boomers, business cards are what they are used to and don’t see much while interacting with young entrepreneurs these days. On the other hand, if it is a Gen-Z influencer that you are dealing with, a business card may be a blast from the past that makes an impression on them. Win-win for you.

Final Thoughts 

Having a business card on hand is crucial if you are setting up your business and venturing into the meatspace for clients. All the design technology has made quick business card printing a reality. So you don’t need to sweat about getting one ready before you make a grand entrance as an entrepreneur.