Types of Roses

Types of Roses

Roses come in more than 100 varieties and are classified by the size and shape of their flowers, as well as by their color, scent, growth habit and season of bloom. They range from miniature roses that grow less than 2 feet tall to climbing roses with vines that can cover an arbor outdoors or trail down a trellis indoors. They come in many different colors like whites, creams, yellows, oranges, pinks or reds, with the most popular being reds. Despite its wide range of colors, from creamy white to deep burgundy reds and different types each has its own meaning and significance which is as deep as their colors. 


Climbing Rose –
It is a climbing and rambling shrub growing to 0.5–2 meters (1.6–6.6 ft) in height, with long arching branches that arise from ground level.  It is generally used as an ornamental plant on fences and walls or as an alternative to a fence. The climbing rose can be grown in almost all temperate climates, if it is given enough light and care. These clinging roses blossoms are spotted in various bright colors such as red, pink, yellow, orange and sometimes blue. 

Grandiflora Rose –
Grandiflora roses are a cross between Hybrid teas and floribundas. Grandiflora roses are amongst the most fragrant of all roses. They are also extremely disease-resistant and produce gorgeous, full heavy blooms that can often be of the size of your hand. These exceptionally heavy blooming roses can be seen in a plenty of colors which are all a treat for eyes like orange, purple, pink, yellow and red. SnapBlooms offers unique flower delivery and same day flower delivery

White rose of york-
Scientifically known as the Rose X Alba. Most of the species under the Rose family are a Hybrid. This rose has historic value and is known to be cultivated in Europe since ancient times. This rose  will light up your space even during winters, known for its sweet scent and cluster blooms. White roses of york can be spotted in colors white and pink and now with hybrid growth yellow and red are also seen. 

Damask rose-
Also known as Bulgarian rose, this rose is known for its unique shape. It produces a fine light scent. This rose is used to extract rose oil, rose water, rose tea and is also edible. Used as a garnish over confectionaries, Damask rose is so much more than just a flower.  This is also the source of rose sugar named Gulkand. Bring home these flowers with flower delivery today. 

Simple rose caring steps 

Roses being soft and delicate, they are also receptive to bugs and disease. It is not as difficult as it seems. Just a little more attention and roses will bloom and flourish at their best. As for any plant to grow and sustain ell it is important to give the plant a proper favorable environment and care.They need :- 

  • A 5 – 6 hours a day of sunlight
  • A good amount of fresh air and proper circulation
  • An effective water drainage system
  • Nutrient rich soil
  • 1 inch of water per week
  • A clean surrounding
  • Removing dead canes and frequent trimming.


Roses are known for their deep spiritual and religious symbolism. We might just call rose a flower that means love but there is more. Roses symbolize  deep love; it can also be romantic. Roses also represent passion and joy. Pink roses symbolize grace, femininity and elegance. Orange roses represent courage and enthusiasm. Yellow ones stand for friendship and cheer. White roses symbolize purity, innocence, and charity. 

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