Stunning Box Braids Hairstyle Tutorial For2022

Box braids for natural hair are the oldest of the protective style siblings. It’s a hairstyle that many people start with when they first start braiding. Box braids are not only one of the simplest options to master, but you’ll have many options to create even more looks once you’ve mastered them.

There are different ways to make box braids hairstyles, depending on your preference and hair texture. Naturally, DYing this look may appear daunting, but it’s much easier than you might think. It requires time and patience, but the silver lining is that if you can twist a basic braid and have the right box braid products, you can probably install your box braids hairstyles. Here’s a step-by-step box braid tutorial you can do at home to prove it.

To create box braids, here is a list of tools/products to consider:

  • Kanekalon Braid Hair or another preferred best braiding hair for box braids·
  •  Sectioning comb
  • For hold, use hair gel or beeswax/jam.
  • Handheld mirror for examining the back of the head

How To Do Box Braids in 9 Easy Steps

1. Section The Hair.

Do you like to know how to create a box braid? It’s that simple! Detangle your mane with a wide-tooth comb. After that, divide your hair in half horizontally with your comb.

Clip the top half of your hair, so it doesn’t get in the way when you’re plaiting. Then, vertically divide the loose section of hair into two equal sections. Rainbowblogs

2. Make Use Of A Wax.

Using your fingers, gently comb a small amount of Indique’s Design Essential Styling Wax through the hair, concentrating on the roots.

This will make weaving the hair easier and provide a smooth and shiny finish to your braids.

3. Secure With A Tie.

Tie off the section at the top with a small elastic (preferably clear or the same color as your hair).

This will help keep the hair flat against the scalp and prevent tension at the roots.

4. Pull Your Extensions Or Hair.

Pull gently on the ends of a folded section of the braiding hair extensions you’ll be using.

This will split them and make them slightly uneven, creating a more natural tapered effect.

5. Start Braiding.

Hair braiding for box braids couldn’t be easier. Pull the strand apart from your hair tie and place it on either side of your natural hair section.

This will make the braid stay as close to your scalp as possible. Then, begin a regular three-strand braid by weaving the outer braiding hair extensions under the middle strand.

6. Plait From Root To Tip.

Braid the hair down until it reaches the end of your natural hair.

Then, divide the remaining two hair sections (the braiding hair extensions) into three sections and weave the hair until you reach the bottom.

7. Carry On With The Procedure.

Continue braiding section by section, dividing the hair evenly in each section. To make the style look seamless, use braiding hair extensions that are the same size and length for each braid.

8. Dip The Ends In Hot Water.

Once you’ve finished, seal the tips of your braiding hair extensions by dipping them into hot water. Remove any excess water with a towel. Use a hot towel to smooth stray hairs and polish each braid to perfection.

9. Style Your Edges.

Once your braids are sealed, trim the ends with scissors if necessary. Use a spare dry toothbrush to seal stray hairs around your hairline with a small amount of Styling Gel.

How To Create Box Braids With Extension Hair

Add braiding hair extensions to your braids in this slightly more advanced box braids tutorial. Instead, try this tutorial if you want a box braid with more volume or length.

Step #1: Prepping The Hair Extensions.

The process begins with the same steps: wash, detangle, and blow-dry the braiding hair extensions.

Step #2: Layout The Extension Hair.

Layout your braiding hair extensions so it’s easy to grab as you work once you’ve finished the prep work. Each braid will require a half-inch wide strand of braiding hair extensions.

Step #3: Create A Section In Your Hair.

Part the first section of your hair as described above: a line across the top and shorter lines down the bottom.

Step 4: Work The Braiding Hair Extensions In.

Fold the strip of extension hair in half with your hands. Consider your hair on one arm and each of the two sides of your folded braiding hair extensions to be the other two arms since you’ll be using the traditional three-strand braiding method.

Step #5: Braid Your Hair.

Place your sectioned-off hair between the folded hair and weave it all together to the tip, just like a regular braid.

Step #6: Repeat.

Continue in this manner, repeating the process for each section.

Step #7: Don’t stop!

Each square should be braided straight down and away from your head. That’s it!

How To Do Your Knotless Box Braids:

Pro tip: Pre-clean your braiding hair extensions in water and vinegar before beginning to remove any chemicals that may irritate your scalp.

Step 1: Detangle, wash, and condition your natural hair or braiding hair extensions.

Step 2: Brush out the braiding hair extensions and stretch the ends.

Step 3: Separate your hair into four large sections. One section should remain open, while the others should be clipped to the side.

Step 4: Begin sectioning off smaller box-shaped sections with your comb (size may vary depending on your preference).

Step 5: Divide the smaller boxed section into subsections by applying hair gel to the root.

Step 6: Braid the roots of the sub-sections down about an inch.

Step 7: Braid a small section of hair the same size as your small boxed section with your natural hair. Split your natural hair in half and braid with the braiding hair extensions as the third piece.

Step 8: Continue steps 1–7 until all head sections are braided.

Step 9: Once all braids are finished, seal and soften the ends by dipping them into boiling water. This step will also assist in the removal of flyaways and fuzz.

Step 10: Take a good look in the mirror, smile, and flip your braids.

Pro tip: When braiding knotless braids, make sure to touch the braid’s root to ensure there are no bumps and that everything is flat and braided together smoothly.


Box braids add volume and style to your hair in various ways. These protective box braids hairstyles allow you to experiment with different hairstyles while keeping your natural hair in the braid. Now that you’ve seen a few different appealing box braids hairstyles, you’re ready to try them out. If you keep up with the latest fashion trends, you’ll be able to look even better than you did before.

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