How to Choose Your Beach Tennis Paddle

How to Choose Your Beach Tennis Paddle

When choosing a beach tennis paddle, consider the type of surface and finish. A smooth or grainy surface will make a difference in spin and control. There are also options for paddles with a coarse surface. 

Graphite composite face

A graphite composite face is light and durable. It’s also great for generating speed when hitting the ball. This material is ideal for both adult and youth players. A composite face is a great compromise between wood and graphite, and is rapidly becoming a popular choice for beach tennis players.

The Graphite Composite Face is perfect for beach tennis because it creates traction on the ball. The High Density Pro EVA core helps you achieve more feel with your strokes and helps you add spin easily. It’s also water-resistant, which makes it ideal for the beach.

Graphite composite face paddles are lightweight, weighing six to nine ounces. They have a composite core, which is similar to other beach tennis paddles, and a graphite face on both sides. The graphite layer is very thin, about the thickness of a fingernail. 

The material used for a paddle is also an important factor. The material used for the paddle will determine its flexibility. Beginners, for instance, prefer paddles with a wider, longer surface. 

EVA memory foam core

The EVA memory foam core in a beach tennis paddle provides better control and stability. Its smooth surface makes playing the game a comfortable and relaxed experience. It is lightweight and has an adjustable wrist tether for a better grip.

A beach tennis paddle can be of different sizes, shapes, and materials, depending on its intended use. Beginners and intermediate players typically prefer longer, wider paddles with a heavier weight.

This model has a 49cm length to allow better reach. It also has a high-density Pro EVA core for added feel. It also features a textured grit face to add more spin to your strokes. It has a black grip, which adds to the overall appearance and feel.

Pre-strung racquets

Whether you are playing tennis on the beach or at a local park, the best way to ensure you get the most out of your racquet is to purchase a pre-strung paddle. Strings loosen in different conditions and can become damaged. Therefore, it is a good idea to purchase a racket that has been strung by an expert.

While purchasing pre-strung paddles, it is important to keep your budget in mind. While you are looking for a good deal, it is better to buy high-quality items from reputable companies. Cheap products might not last long, and they may require more repairs.

While deciding on a specific brand, read the reviews to see what other people have to say about it. A good review will include details about its warranty and after-sales service, which are both important factors to consider.

Graphite Composite Face offers the best combination of firmness, durability, and stability. An EVA Memory Core is an excellent option for maximum shock absorption. An easy-grip handle prevents wrist swing and slipping of the paddle in your hands. 

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Unstrung racquets

There are a few important things to consider when choosing an unstrung beach tennis paddle. First, you should check the weight. Unstrung beach tennis paddles typically weigh 320 grams to 360 grams. The weight of the paddle will have a significant impact on how it feels the ball. Lighter paddles will allow players to react faster to the ball. They also tend to be more powerful.

The quality of the racket is important, too. A heavier racket will produce a harder strike. A lighter racket will feel more comfortable and will be more effective for playing defensively. Most recreational players will want to choose a lighter racket. The racket can also be pre-strung. This option offers more versatility than an unstrung racket. 

Swingweight and balance are other important factors in choosing an unstrung beach tennis paddle. A heavier swingweight enables you to hit the ball harder while a lighter swingweight will help you control the racquet more easily. The swingweight of a tennis racquet determines how easy or difficult it is to swing it. 

Balance point

When choosing a beach tennis paddle, the balance point is an important factor to consider. It will determine how much power you can generate with each stroke. The higher the balance point, the more power you’ll have on ground strokes. On the other hand, a low-balance paddle will give you more control and maneuverability at the net. The thickness of the paddle also matters.