How To Do A Ponytail With Extensions


Ponytail hairstyles have been on-trend for decades, and we witness new variations to this classic style from to time. Ponytails have always been the go-to for millions of women who are stuck in the styling rut or want to experiment with updos.

That being said, not everyone has the “required” length or volume for ponytail hairstyles. If you have thin hair, you understand how frustrating it is to have your hair look flat no matter how high you tie it.

The good news is you don’t have to put up with flat and lackluster ponytails anymore. With ponytail virgin hair extensions, you can achieve the hairstyle you’ve always wanted with the right amount of volume.

These ponytail hair extensions are made to thicken and lengthen your natural ponytail in a matter of minutes so you can enjoy bouncy ponytails and bid farewell to limp updos!

So, let’s look at how to create a ponytail with ponytail hair extensions suppliers, the amazing benefits they provide, and a few ways to maintain them.

How To Create A Ponytail With Ponytail Virgin Hair Extensions?

4 easy ways to install ponytail extensions.

Here are easy 4 steps to install a ponytail hair extension.

  • Step One: Detangle And Tie Your Hair 

Gently brush your hair to remove knots and tangles throughout your hair, and tie it into a ponytail at the crown. P.S. you can get away with your 3rd-4th day hair. 

Before putting your hair into a ponytail, leave a few pieces out to frame your face. 

  • Step Two: Comb Your Ponytail Virgin Hair Extension 

Before installing your ponytail virgin hair extension, give it a quick brush. If you are going for a curly or wavy look, we recommend styling it before installing the extension. It will save your arms from a painful workout. 

  • Step Three: Installing The Ponytail Virgin Hair Extension 

Insert the ponytail clips underneath the hair tie and wrap the velcro around the base of your ponytail to secure the extension. Use a bobby pin or two to secure the velcro strap. 

You don’t need to use a section of hair around the ponytail because 100 virgin human hair ponytail extension’s velcro will provide a seamless result every time!

Make sure your new voluminous ponytail is secure by moving your head.

  • Step Four: Style And Go

If you did not pre-style your ponytail extension earlier, this is the time! Use a what protectant and heat-style to achieve the desired look, incorporate the face-framing pieces to achieve the desired look. 

Pro Tip: If you want to experiment with straight or wavy styles, straight ponytail extensions are the perfect hairpieces. For curly styles, we recommend getting curly hair extensions. The pre-styled curly ponytail extensions are a great way to add additional volume and style without much effort. 

Benefits Of Using Ponytail Virgin Remy Hair Extensions  

Benefits of virgin hair extensions 

These are a few remarkable benefits of using ponytail virgin Remy hair extensions that you should know about!

  1. Helps You Get Ready In A Jiffy 

As you can see from the four-step installation technique outlined above, getting ready with ponytail hair extensions is simple and quick. Ponytail extensions are great, especially to get ready for plans you were expecting to be canceled- we have all been there, where we wait for a plan to fall apart, but it doesn’t! 

  1. A Fuller And Bouncier Ponytail 

As mentioned in the beginning, not everyone is blessed with beautiful, healthy, and thick hair. With ponytail hair extensions, you can achieve a fuller and bouncier ponytail hairstyle even with short, dry, or brittle hair. 

A fuller and bouncier ponytail hairstyle is also a great way to look and feel good about yourself, which is why ponytail virgin hair extensions have become a staple for millions of women- yes, that includes some of our favorite celebs!

  1. A Sea Of Hairstyle Options 

You can now explore different hairstyles because your hair is longer and fuller. You don’t have to put up with a braided ponytail with strands of hair peeking out anymore. You also don’t have to put up with a dull, deflated ponytail or bun hairstyles. 

You can try on whatever hairstyle you want with ponytail extensions. You will be able to pull off any style you choose, whether it’s a braided or bubble ponytail, a high curly ponytail, or a voluminous bun. 

You have endless styling options with straight, wavy, or curly virgin hair extensions. From the trendy high ponytail with retro side bangs to the all-time favorite messy ponytail, you have endless choices! 

  1. Next Level Comfort With Virgin Ponytail Extensions 

Virgin ponytail hair extensions, unlike other extensions, are made exclusively for ponytail styles. They are more painless and comfortable to wear than others because of this. Whether you are using straight or curly virgin hair extensions, the comfort level is top tier.

  1. Virgin Ponytail Extensions Are Ideal For Any Occasion 

Regardless of the texture or the color, ponytail virgin hair extensions are ideal for any occasion. Attending a corporate party? Going out for the night? Hosting a dinner for family and friends? Ponytail hair extensions will come through for you! 

As you have many choices, you can choose any ponytail or bun hairstyles with ponytail extensions! Just watch how these extensions lift your mood and boost your confidence despite the occasion. 

  1. No Commitment Necessary 

One of the biggest perks of using ponytail extensions is that you don’t have to commit to the style at all! These extensions are temporary, and you can install and remove them at any time. Neither installation nor removal requires assistance! 

If you want to look and feel polished for a tennis match or a workout session and go back to your natural mane after the eventful match, ponytail extensions are the perfect option. No commitment is necessary. 

Plus, ponytail extensions are ideal for beginners due to the ease of installation!

Tips To Maintain Ponytail Extensions 

Before and after ponytail extensions!

Knowing how to install and the benefits of ponytail virgin Remy hair extensions isn’t enough! Oh no, you need to know a few tips to maintain them so you can continue looking F.L.A.W.L.E.S.S! 

  1. Use Warm Water To Wash 

The frequency with which you wash your ponytail extensions will vary on how frequently you wear them, but use warm water to remove product build-ups and grime when you do.

  1. Rubbing A Ponytail Is A Big NO

Do not rub your ponytail extensions while washing. It will cause tangles! Gently squeeze the extensions with one hand after applying shampoo or conditioner. 

  1. Deep Conditioning Is Important 

Given the benefits of ponytail extensions, you must do everything in your power to keep them healthy, moisturized, and lustrous. Deep condition your ponytail extensions at least once every two weeks. 


Bid limp and lackluster ponytail hairstyles and welcome fuller and bouncier ponytails. Now you know how to install ponytail extensions and tips to maintain them, boost your confidence with ponytail remy hair extensions

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